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Terms & Conditions

The following terms & Conditions will be incorporated into all contracts for the sale and/or supply of Photographic services whether the contract is made in writing or verbally and any variation or modification of such terms and conditions must be made in writing and agreed with by Bailey Photography.


In these Terms & Conditions “The Company”  means staff and/or agents of Bailey Photography. The Client “client” means the person and/or agents with whom an agreement has been reached, requesting a provision of services or detailed work to be carried out. “Image technician” means Photographer and/or Lab Technician


Quotations are provided free of charge and without obligation and are valid for a period of fourteen days from the date of the quotation.

Colour Reproduction

Because of the nature of colour dyes and pigmentation within COLOUR FILMS and  DIFFERENT  COMPUTER SETTINGS It is not always possible to reproduce colour accurately, whilst every endeavor will be made to colour match as accurately as possible, In the absence of specific instructions colour guide will be at the  absolute discretion of the image technician.

Image Cropping

In the absence of specific instructions Image cropping will be at the absolute discretion of the image technician.


Copyright, Designs & Patent Act 1988 Under this Act the Photographer is First Owner of Copyright.



Invoice .Any queries relating to any invoice must be raised within ten days of the invoice date


Payment of invoice is required in full on the completion of any work undertaken


We reserve the right to charge £5 administration fee on each occasion that we need to write to you on matters related to any overdue accounts or invoices.


Clients with Accounts & Credit facilities are required to forward payment for any invoice in full within 30 days of the invoice date.


Accounts and Credit facilities may be arranged by supplying a current Bankers reference along with two trade references, Accounts may be subject to a Credit Limit.



All cancellations must be in writing and received by The Company.The Client will become liable for a cancellation fee if the Client cancels the assignment for whatever reason  even though the assignment may have already been completed or has commenced or has been substantially completed in part.

The Cancellation fee will amount to the full value of the quotation.


In the event the Client cancels any assignment for what ever reason and the cancellation notice is received in writing before the assignment has commenced the cancellation fee will amount to the total accumulative cost including expenses up to the time of receiving written confirmation relating to the cancellation of assignment.

                                                                                        Breach of Copyright

It shall be the responsibility of the Client to ensure that all material submitted to The Company for photographing or otherwise does not infringe any copyright or trademarks, is not defamatory in any way and does not breach the provisions of any statutory enactment Civil or Criminal and that the Client will indemnify The Company from all loss, damage and liability arising out of any such breach of this condition including the total cost appertaining to any such claim.


Terms of Use


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